Double room with gorgeous furniture and an accessible bathroom.

2 guests




Our Levander room is easily accessible for guests using wheelchair or having mobility issues: the doors are wide, there are no doorsteps, everything is easy to reach, the “roll-in” shower is spacious, there is a handhold next to the toilet, and there are several emergency call buttons placed across the room.

The room has twin beds that can be turned into a comfortable double bed. The closet and the bedside cabinets provide ample storage space.

On the antique sideboard holds everything that could be needed for making coffee or tea, and our guests can consume these drinks sitting stylishly in the graceful chairs placed next to the sideboard.

Right next to the sheltered terrace, the separated room opening from the shaded porch remains cool even in the summer, while the environmentally friendly heat exchanger ventilation system constantly provides fresh air for the room.


  • double room with double bed
  • opens from the porch, next to the sheltered terrace
  • looking east-west, panorama of the inner garden
  • accessible, convenient for wheelchair users
  • spacious, well-equipped bathroom
  • this room does not have a fridge

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