Őrség. Familiarity. Kosbor. 

Fine luxury and the wonders of three countries

Kosbor Guesthouse is a peaceful island of luxury on a three-hectare estate on the edge of a wood in the wonderful Őrség region.  Experience perfect calmness as you sip on a glass of fine wine or home-made lemonade in a hammock, listening to the song of a bird nesting in a nearby tree, reading a nice book.
The wonders of three countries await you: countless things to see and discover, active or quiet, laidback leisure, hills, wetlands and woods, butterflies, rare plants and mushrooms, enchanting churches, castles, chocolate, pumpkin seed oil and so much more…

Gorgeous Rooms

4 unique, stylish suites with antique furniture, equipped with four-star amenities. All suites have a separate bedroom – with an extra-large double bed –, a living room and a bathroom.  Fine luxury for two guests or the whole family.

Five unique double-bed rooms with antique furniture, one of which is accessible for wheelchair users. The rooms have double beds, unique furniture and fridges. They all have their own spacious, well-equipped bathroom.

3 Acres of Peace

Kosbor is surrounded by a vast estate with fruit trees, a meadow, hidden nooks and corners, sun beds and fire pits. Here our guests can enjoy the quiet and infinite stillness. Take pleasure in a glass of refreshing lemonade, delicious home-made syrups or an ice-cold spritzer while you listen to the birds chirping and enjoy the scent of spices and herbs growing nearby, sitting on a bench on the porch encircling the inner garden or at the terrace of the wine bar. And the sheltered “lazy terrace” at the end of the building is a favourite corner of siesta enthusiasts, but it is also a perfect spot for listening to the stags bellowing in September. Kosbor estate – just as most other ones in Őrség – is not surrounded by fences, so it seamlessly melts into the neighbouring woods, where thousands of kinds of mushrooms, wild strawberry, chestnut grow and deer, roes and sometimes even boars can be seen. The “Blue” hiking trail runs along the borders of the estate, the Slovenian boundary stones and the secret tower are just a leap away.

Delicacies of Őrség

Buffet breakfast with home-made and Őrség pâté, cheese and jams, accompanied by freshly baked pastries and rolls.

Excellent wine, pálinka, home-made juice or lemongrass lemonade on the wine terrace. 

Old-fashioned afternoon snack with home-made herbal tea, coffee or hot chocolate with whipped cream and freshly baked pastries.

Border of 3 countries

If you have already replenished your energies at the beautiful Kosbor estate and would like to do something more active, set out to discover the area. 

Kosbor Guesthouse is a perfect base for discovering three countries. In the Hungarian territory, the endless wonders of the Őrség and Venvidék regions await our guests, but there is also plenty to discover in the neighbouring hills of Slovenia and Austria with their Medieval towns, healing thermal waters and excellent restaurants and wineries. Visit Lendva or Ptuj, take a bath in Bad Rogner designed by Hundertwasser or learn about the ins and outs of chocolate making in the Zotter chocolate manufacture.

Give the Gift of Kosbor!

Buy a Kosbor gift card for your loved ones, either for a certain amount, or for a given room and time. Kosbor gift cards can be redeemed anytime, and our guests will be welcomed by familiarity, fine luxury, the stillness of the woods and the wonders of three countries in the spring, summer, autumn or winter. 

You can choose a flexibly redeemable card with a certain amount, or you can make up a whole holiday plan to suit your needs.

Őrség. FAMILIARITY. Kosbor. 

Fine luxury and the wonders of three countries