Undisturbed relaxation in the vast garden of Kosbor.
On foot, by bike, by car in the Őrség National Park.
Discovering three countries.


Kosbor is surrounded by a vast property with fruit trees, a meadow, remote corners, deck chairs, fireplaces where our guests can enjoy the silence and endless tranquility.

Sitting on the patio benches encircling the inner garden or on the terrace of the wine bar, with a refreshing lemonade, delicious homemade syrup or ice cold spritzer, it is splendid to listen to the birds chirping and breathe in the air full of herbs’ scent. The covered “relaxing” terrace at the end of the building is a favorite place for afternoon naps but it’s also the best place to listen to rutting deers in September.

The nearly three-hectare property of Kosbor Pension imperceptibly merges with the forest of Őrség National Park. In the meadow, masses of green-winged orchids, a protected orchid species with tiny purple flowers the pension is named after, grow in the spring.


The Őrség National Park often organizes guided tours to explore the unique flora and fauna of the Őrség, the unique values of nature and the built heritage harmonizing with the landscape, the atmosphere of the old professions, the “szerek” and “porták”. The National Park established several nature trails, such as the Yellow lily nature trail from Magyarszombatfa to Velemér or the Triple border nature trail from Felsőszölnök to the Triple Border.

For those who enjoy an active form of recreation not only hiking on the routes through forests, moors and on the hiking network but on the western part of the national blue trail is also a possibility.  You can choose from shorter or longer cycling routes through diverse landscapes, forests with rich fauna and flora, and the routes of the neighboring Slovenia and Austria are also great for cycling.


There are many curiosities in the Őrség: the herd of the largest European land mammal, the European  bison or the Eurasian wild horses in Szalafő, the round-leaved sundew remaining from the ice age in the moors and the House of Moors in Szőce, two thirds of the butterfly fauna of our country (1645 butterfly species, including countless true rarities) on the meadows in the spring and summer, traditional fruit species found in the gardens of Őrség (can be observed in the Csörgőalma Orchard)

Őrség has also a whole range of must-see attractions:  The Folk Monument Complex of Őrség in Pityerszer, the moorland and the House of Moors in Szőce, the frescos of John Aquila in Velemér Church, the pottery workshops of Őrség, the Calvinist church in Szentgyörgyvölgy with its wooden cassettes, the belfry in Pankasz and Gödörháza, all provide the visitors with experiences.


The Kosbor Pension is the perfect place to start the exploration of three countries. In Hungary, visitors can enjoy the inexhaustible wonders of the Őrség and the Vendvidék but there is also a lot to discover among the hilly landscapes, medieval towns, healing thermal baths, fine restaurants and wineries of the neighboring Slovenia and nearby Austria. Visit Lendava or Ptuj, enjoy a bath in Bad Rogner, designed by Hundertwasser or discover the secrets of chocolate manufacturing at the Zotter chocolate manufactory…. just save some space in your stomach for dinner, either at the Kosbor Pension or at the Patja Bisztró in Őriszentpéter.


Lendava is just 30 km away from Kosbor Pension, the road leads through nice, small villages and hills to this beautiful medieval town. Take a look around the countryside from the Vinarium Lookout Tower, visit the exhibitions at Lendava Castle and taste some of the finest Slovenian wines!

On your way home, visit the exhibition of Ocean Orchids in Dobrovnik, one of Central Europe’s largest orchid growers. In the tropical greenhouse you can get to know about a half thousand special orchids and tropical plants (like sweetpepperbush, papaya, flamingo flower), and if you really like the flowers, you can buy them.


The ancient city of Ptuj, located just 70 km away, is about one hour’s drive away from the Kosbor Pension. The castle is home to one of the largest Slovenian museums, with traditional carnival masks, Gothic and Baroque works of art, paintings, but you should visit the Mithras Shrine and the Orpheus Monument from the Roman era, 13th-century Dominican and Minorite monasteries, the clock tower and city hall, too.

Take a walk in the town on the shore of Drava River where curious visitors can gather experiences with the help of festivals, fine restaurants and fine wines throughout the year.


The fantastic Zotter Chocolate Manufactory in Riegelsburg, Austria is also one hour drive away. With their unique approach to life and crazy ideas, the Zotter family has turned their chocolate manufactory into a real adventure park. Chocolate lovers not only get to know the whole chocolate making process but also enjoy the attractions like the chocolate theatre, edible zoo, organic restaurant and of course a fantastic chocolate shop.

Here you will find chocolate specialties such as bread brandy, plum bacon, Alpine cheese or hemp nougat apricot brandy. Of course, the more classic flavors can be found here too, as hundreds of different kinds of chocolates are made here, all in fair-trade, organic and sustainable farming, following the bean-to-bar principle. Cocoa beans are supplied directly from the African or South and Central American cooperatives, and processed by themselves from roasting to packaging design.


There are many rare mushroom species in the woods of Őrség but in addition to the rarities, the most delicious species, ceps and chanterelles can be picked into the baskets during a mushroom tour.

The mistress of Kosbor, Agnes is no longer guiding mushroom picking tours but she is happy to give you some tips on where to look for mushrooms in the area, and as an official mushroom expert, she will also examine the picked mushrooms whether they are edible.

Of course hungry guests will also often find delicious dishes made from a variety of wild mushrooms on the table of the Kosbor Pension.


For wellness lovers the Kosbor Pension is also a great place to start, as there are several great spas nearby.

Rogner Bad Blumau, designed by Hundertwasser is perhaps Europe’s most beautiful thermal spa, just 70 km away which means a 1.5 hour drive.

The closest thermal beach to the Őrség is in Moravske Toplice, Slovenia, only 13 km away. The well developed spa with about 20 thermal pools, the indoor pools placed above each other and waterfalls offer a special experience. We offer a discounted ticket to the spa.

On the Hungarian side the 40,000 year old healing water containing sodium bicarbonate of the Lenti Thermal Bath is a cure for sensory and joint problems. The St. Gotthard Spa & Wellness in Szentgotthárd offers a wide range of pampering services and regeneration for visiting guests. You can enjoy the unique Mediterranean athmosphere of the spa with the help of palm trees, exotic plants and harmonizing natural cobblestones.


Our village, Magyarszombatfa, is the potters’ ancient citadel. It is not accidentally called the “land of potters”. Many potters are still working in Magyarszombatfa, and eighty years ago almost hundred people earned their living from this ancient profession.

Green-glazed pottery is the most characteristic and we think also the most beautiful piece of the region. We also use them in Kosbor Pension because they are not only beautiful but can also be used very well for baking.

Pottery Museum & pottery: the masters involve all children and adults with patience and love in the creative joy of pottery. If you are eager to learn the art of pottery, we will be happy to organize your visit to one of the pottery workshops. Before (or instead of) the pottery, visit the Pottery Museum in Magyarszombatfa where you can get a first-hand insight into the tradition of potters.

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