Buffet breakfast with homemade delicacies and specialties of Őrség.
Excellent wines, homemade syrups, lemonade with lemon grass on the terrace.
Afternoon tea or coffee with freshly baked cookies.
Vegetarian and vegan options.


EA substantial breakfast is a good start for an active day spent with hiking and exploration. Our guests can choose from a wide range of selection from the breakfast bar.

A rich, great variety of European style breakfast is supplemented with homemade breads, pastries, brioche and braided bread, homemade jams, pates and – as nature permits – vegetables and fruits grown in the garden of the Kosbor Pension or in the surrounding area.


  • freshly baked rolls, a variety of seed and white bread
  • homemade pastries, brioche, chocolate braided bread
  • butter, honey, homemade jam specialties
  • homemade pates and creamy delicacies
  • mangalica sausage, bacon, smoked meats
  • handmade cow and goat cheese
  • ham, cold cuts, cheese
  • tomato, pepper, cucumber, spring onion, radish (if possible, from our own harvest)
  • scrambled eggs, fried eggs, ham & eggs, hard- or boiled eggs from fresh eggs
  • fresh homemade milk, yoghurts with fresh fruits, muesli
  • juice, coffee, tea
  • homemade teas from the herbs growing in the garden


Have a snack in the afternoon on the terrace! When the weather is nice, we await our guests tired after hiking with freshly baked bundt cake and foamy coffee in the afternoon.

Afternoon snacks are served on the terrace or in the garden, we suggest the company of a good book or a good friend, if the twittering of birds and the caressing afternoon sunshine would not be enough.


On the terrace or in the wine cellar you can taste our selection of Hungarian white and red wines and pálinka.

Homemade syrups (raspberry, grape, ginger, lavender) and fresh lemonade (with lemon grass, mint) are served to our non-alcoholic guests and children.


  • 4 cl homemade ginger syrup
  • lemon, lime, orange
  • two strands of lemongrass
  • 1-2 leaves of peppermint
  • some ice cubes
  • soda or mineral water

Place the lemon, lime and orange slices with freshly picked mint and lemongrass in a glass or jug and squeeze with a muddler. Add some ice cubes, pour the homemade syrup on it, then fill with soda. Stir it a few times and a wonderful summer refreshing drink is ready.


We have more and more guests who have chosen to consume less meat and food of animal origin, and we also think that a balanced, healthy diet is very important. That is why you can choose from more and more vegan and vegetarian dishes at Kosbor Pension.

… the vegetarian diet is not only healthy but also means a smaller burden to the environment. That’s why we’ve been experimenting with a variety of vegetable and cereal based breakfast meals recently, we also reimagined our homemade bread and try to offer healthy, fibrous foods rich in vitamins and essential trace minerals.

The breakfast at Kosbor includes several vegetarian dishes:

  • pastes from seasonal vegetables (for example red beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, Jerusalem artichokes and pumpkin in winter and early spring)
  • porridge (millet, barley, buckwheat, oat, rice)
  • dried vegetables and fruits, oily seeds
  • fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits
  • plant-based milks
  • and we will often offer fresh salads, couscous and tapenade too.


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